LLinELT: A Pedagogical Guidebook

LLinELT: A Pedagogical Guidebook

LLinELT: A Pedagogical Guidebook

“Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching: A Pedagogical Guidebook” is the production of the intercontinental project 'LLinELT', which was carried out in 2019-2020 in a multitude of English language teaching and learning contexts in both face-to-face and online spaces. The project was coordinated by Dicle University in Turkey and Texas Christian University in the United States, and funded by US Embassy Turkey's Public Affairs Grant Program.

You can download a high-quality version (136 mb) of the book HERE for free. For a more interactive reading experience, you can download the 'Flipbook' version of the guidebook here. A compressed version of the book (9 mb) is available here.

The book features both theoretical and practical information about the introduction and implementation of Linguistic Landscape-centered activities in English language classrooms. Although some of the resources created by EFL teacher candidates and LL-based classroom practices shared by EFL teachers are specifically developed for English language teaching and learning contexts, the materials and ideas put forward in this book can be adapted into different L2 teaching and learning settings. Overall, the book includes;

An introductory piece about the project and the concept of LL,
Two articles focusing on the literacies-centered pedagogical model to integrate LL into L2 teaching and learning contexts
29 literacies-based sample LL lessons developed by EFL teacher candidates
18 LL-inclusive classroom practices presented by in-service EFL teachers
Abstracts and presentation videos of three keynote talks and two panels delivered at the Digital Symposium on LL in L2 TL Contexts.
11 mini research papers written by pre-service EFL teachers as part of an educational project titled “Linguistic Landscape of My City”
18 databases which can be used for educational LL purposes
A bibliography featuring selected up-to-date linguistic landscape and schoolscapes references

We believe that this e-book has the potential to contribute teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and other professionals to craft and implement their own Linguistic Landscape-aware practices and research in not just English language classrooms but the whole second language teaching and learning contexts at multiple levels. We look forward to seeing, reading, and engaging in further research on linguistic landscapes with an added emphasis on pedagogical practices as well as LL-inclusive L2 educational materials and resources for a wider audience.

Osman Solmaz & Steve D. Przymus



An intercontinental project to increase global citizenship awareness through linguistic landscapes in English Language classes. Please contact us to share your ideas and feedback.