Call for participation in LLinELT webinars

Call for participation in LLinELT webinars

10 09 2020, 11:50
Call for participation in LLinELT webinars

Dear EFL teachers and teacher candidates,

As part of Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching project, we will be delivering free webinars for English as a foreign language teachers working in Diyarbakır as well as English language teacher candidates studying at universities in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. 

What are the webinars about?

Participants will learn about the term and theoretical background of linguistic landscapes (LL), through which they will be able to develop and design their LL-based lessons. See more information about the project in the main page of the project website. 

When is the deadline to submit applications?

The deadline for submission to attend the webinar is October 20, 2020; 11:59pm.

When are the webinars?

Webinars will take place through the last week of October. Selected participants will be grouped in accordance with their preffered schedules to participate in the online education series. 

What will happen after the webinars?

Following the online education series, participants will be invited to participate in a digital symposium where they will have a chance to share their experiences regarding the designing of LL-based practices for their current and future students.

When will the digital symposium be?

The digital symposium on LL for pedagogical purposes will take place in mid-December. Webinar attendees are not required but encouraged to participate in the symposium.

Why should I attend the webinar?

It is through the webinars that participants will familiarize themselves with the term Linguistic Landscape and its pedagogical implementation in the English language classroom.

It is expected that teachers and teacher candidates are equipped with the necessary theoretical and practical information about carrying out successful LL-based English lessons. and projects.

Furthermore, webinar participants will receive e-certificate of attendance and symposium presenters will have a certificate of presentation.

In addition, selected participants (digital symposium presenters and participants who developed successful projects) will receive awards for their works. The materials developed by the participants will be featured in the project website as well as project guidebook.


Links for Application Forms

Click here for English language teacher candidates (at Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region universities)

Click here for English language teachers (in Diyarbakır)


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