Basketball - NBA Houston Rockets

Basketball - NBA Houston Rockets

NBA is the National Basketball Association in the United States and very popular around the world. By using the images in this gallery, first you can have your students talk about sports and basketball in general. Later, you can specifically focus on an NBA team (Houston Rockets), one of their games, and where they play.

Sample questions for analysis:

  • Why is Houston Rockets called "Rockets"?
  • Which teams are playing according to the image 3 in the gallery below? What time does the game start?
  • Where are the seats of the ticket owners located in the arena?
  • What is the final score of the game? Who wins the game?

Digital resources:

Bridging Ideas:

  • Help students locate information about the next Rockets game through digital resources. 
  • Ask students to bring images from Instagram through location-tagged photos from Houston Rockets' games and determine what kinds of photos and hashtags are used.
  • Ask your learners to pick an NBA team, make a quick search, and present about them in the next class.

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