Panel: Theory and Practice United

Panel: Theory and Practice United

The panel "Theory and Practice United: Intercontinental Practices from Face to Face and Online Spaces" was moderated by Roger Cohen (US Embassy Turkey RELO) at the Digital Symposium on Linguistic Landscapes in Second Language Teaching and Learning Contexts.

"Bridging the pond with the Functional Approach to Communicating Electronically (FACE) Framework: Stories of Turkish/U.S. teacher candidates' language and identity development", Steve Przymus (Texas Christian University, USA)

"Raising ELF Awareness through Linguistic Landscapes: Geo-based Fieldwork Experiences of Teacher Candidates", Osman Solmaz (Dicle University, Turkey)

"Livestreaming the Linguistic Landscapes: The Use of Linguistic Landscapes in Online Education", Ibrahim Ozkaya (National Ministry of Education, Turkey)

An intercontinental project to increase global citizenship awareness through linguistic landscapes in English Language classes. Please contact us to share your ideas and feedback.